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Gift certificate

Give the gift of calligraphy!

You'll receive your gift code by email. Watch for a transaction receipt in your inbox. You'll find your gift code in that receipt.

We have a gift code printable that you can print out yourself and dedicate to the lucky recipient.

Hand-lettered Dedication

We have another product in this store titled Hand-lettered Gift Dedication. It's available for a nominal fee, and it includes a hand-lettered dedication by Melissa Esplin.


Special Requests

Let us know if you have any questions or special requests either by email or in the shipping instructions. 



Gift the $115 denomination if you'd like to give one of our full online classes.

Gift the $50 denomination if you'd like to give our handwriting class.

The other variants cover the class of the $50 Brush Kit or the $45 Modern Kit plus domestic US shipping.

We recommend shipping the kit to yourself rather than gifting the value of the kit, especially if you're outside of the US.


$8 off a Gift Certificate when you buy a Kit

We offer a 15% discount on a kit anytime you buy a kit and a gift certificate in the same transaction. Make sure they're both in your cart at the same time.

Gift the kit and class to a loved one! Check out our calligraphy kit options.

We recommend purchasing a $115 gift certificate and a kit together. This way your recipient can get started immediately without having to source supplies.

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