Journaling & Doodling Handout PDF Bundle

Journaling & Doodling Handout PDF Bundle

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Walk through the ins and outs of Journaling with the lens of calligraphy and its influence in penmanship. This 23-page handout breaks down basic penmanship, adds a few stylistic hands to get you started with exploring styles and how to add drawing/doodling elements to your layouts to make striking journaling pages. 

Handout includes: 

  • Uppercase print
  • Lowercase print
  • Upright cursive
  • Monoline Uncial
  • Basic drawn romans
  • Layout tips & ideas
  • Troubleshooting tricks
  • Borders, fillers & flags
  • 9 quote layouts and how to create them
  • Doodling warmups
  • Simple flower techniques
  • Realistic flower techniques
  • 12 practice doodle pages with instructions

bullet journaling, visual journaling, quotes book handoutThis by no means is exhaustive of all the techniques out there for effective journaling, but it has a very accessible approach requiring very few materials and starting out with the most basic techniques. This is perfect for absolute beginners or someone with experience just stuck in a rut! 

Doodling wildflowers for a bullet journal

Doodling, bullet journaling practice warm up exercises