Brush Calligraphy Class

Brush Calligraphy Class

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Learn calligraphy with brush markers! It's an easy way to get the hang of letterforms.

The casual nature of brush calligraphy takes the stress of nibs and ink out of the equation while focusing on alternates, style and composition.

This class, much like Melissa's Modern Calligraphy workshop, starts from the beginning.

Learn all about the feel of different markers and where to find them. Learn the letterforms, how to get consistency within your work, how to create your own style, the basics of drafting a layout and explore alternate ways to draw capital letters.

The class covers brush lettering foundations through images, diagrams, text, video and one-on-one feedback. Upload your work (good or bad) to get help from Melissa Esplin herself. Feedback is given on Tuesdays and Fridays each week. In the coursework you'll find a recommended timeline for approaching the work and getting the most out of your time with the feedback.

We've moved to unlimited, lifetime subscriptions. There are no more time limits, and you can take the course as quickly or as slowly as you like!

Join the thousands of students that have learned from Melissa by enrolling today.

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Purchasing supplies on your own? We highly recommend checking out Jet Pens. They've made a page just for this class including the markers we use and love.

It may be a little overwhelming (So! MANY! Markers!), but you'll be just fine with one or two markers of different sizes (fine and medium are great) and gridded paper for practice. Even the gridded paper is optional. We love Rhodia gridded paper for practice work, but any smooth printer paper will be awesome. When printing out the printable guide sheets at a print shop, ask for the "premium paper", it's usually a 28 or 32# text paper that's smooth like butter.


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