Hand-Lettering Foundations Mini Class
Hand-Lettering Foundations Mini Class
Hand-Lettering Foundations Mini Class

Hand-Lettering Foundations Mini Class

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Learn Lettering

What's the difference between calligraphy and hand-lettering? In most cases, it really boils down to approach and tools. Calligraphy requires a manipulation of tools that can be intimidating to master. Acquiring the right tools can also be expensive and time-consuming. While hand-lettering draws from the foundations of calligraphy, the tools and approach can be infinitely simplified. This class does just that: we'll be diving into the foundations of calligraphy through hand-lettering, how to break and expand on stylistic rules all with copy paper and pencil. 

This listing includes just the online class. Optional materials used in the course: 

All materials listed above are optional. Course can be completed with just pencil and the printable handouts provided in class. 

Class will cover the following:

  • Capital letters
  • Lowercase print letters
  • Lowercase script letters
  • How to add width to letters and maintain readability
  • How to stylize letters and abide by classical rules
  • Final class project to get the creative lettering flowing!

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